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Brendan Emery

My name is Brendan Emery, I’m a Scotsman living & working in Jakarta Indonesia for the past year. I have been a patient at East West Physiotherapy since late September 2012. I was referred to East West by My Insurance Company after a serious Paragliding accident in Bali. 

I qualified as a Paragliding pilot in 2000 and in 2006 also qualified as a Tandem pilot to fly passengers commercially & friends. Safety is always my first priority when preparing to fly, Take off & Land, but unfortunately on the 26th of August 2012, I experienced severe turbulence close to the Mountain on my approach to land and crashed into the mountain. Due to my landing approach I was not at great height but I hit the ground at a speed of 62km/hr, according to my flight navigation instruments. The sheer impact of the crash caused me to fracture my pubic bone in two places, severally split the right side of pelvis and fracture two vertebrae on my lower spine.

My Injuries were so severe the Emergency team in Bali Hospital referred my case immediately to an Orthopaedic specialist at the NUH Hospital in Singapore. I was then evacuated by Air Ambulance 48 hours later. Over the course of the next week I had two operations to screw my pelvis back in place.
Both operations were a success; I then spent the next four weeks in hospital non weight bearing on my right side. Using a Zimmer frame to make your way to the bathroom was an adventure and being in a wheel chair made me realise the trauma of my injuries were very serious. Sleeping was also difficult and a number of different pain medications were given to control what I can only describe as severe pain! One nurse described too me it’s not as painful as child birth pain! “Pain is just weakness exiting the body!” Thankfully I will never need to worry about child birth but I sympathise with anyone that experiences Bone pain or severe pain for long periods of time.

Finally discharged from NUH Hospital in Singapore I was escorted back to Jakarta where I began my rehabilitation. I was then Introduced to my Physiotherapist “Berliana Theresia,” how specialises in sports injuries. Berliana explained from the very first Physio session what to expect in terms of the type of physio I would require over the coming weeks to get me back on my feet and walking. I have to admit I was not sure if I was going to manage the repetitive exercises and if I would discipline myself everyday to ensure that my right leg would re build back to normal fitness. I was not sure if I would re gain normal fitness or if I would end up limping or be in constant pain. However Berliana was superb at re-assuring me, she has a calm and professional manner that made me feel more confident after every session and I was well on my way to recovery.

For me the real milestones during my Physiotherapy, was loosing the wheel chair, then remarkably four weeks later loosing one crutch and two weeks later weight bearing fully with no crutches! I still had pain around the lower spine area and butt area, but it was a pain associated with my muscles re building. My progress was fast and it was down to being focused on the end goal “Walking normally!”

Don’t get me wrong there was days were I was very tired and would be slack at doing all the exercises, but waking up stiff and sore the next day would boot me back into exercise mode and keep me focused and stay positive about my recovery. I’m not one for using terms but “PMA,” (Positive Mental Attitude) played a big part in me recovering, further backed up by Berliana’s encouragement that I was doing well.

My experience at East West Physiotherapy was a very good one, having a busy work schedule I really liked the text reminder service that would come 24 hours prior to your next appointment. All the staff was always very helpful and accommodating. I now return to the UK early December and I will continue my Physiotherapy in Scotland to ensure my walking gait is fully functional and normal. I really wish to thank all the staff at East West Physiotherapy and particularly Berliana, she kept me guided & sane when I was feeling a bit down or low about my progress and was always a smiling face at each and every appointment. I will keep in touch with you all to let you know my progress in Scotland. 

I arrived at East West in a wheel chair and I left walking....... You can’t ask for anything better than having your independence back!


Thank You Guys sooooo much..........!!!