East West Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation


I have been using Eastwest Physiotherapy for 3 years for both Physiotherapy & Sports Massage. All of their therapists are professional and highly qualified. They take a personal interest, hands-on and happily provide advice & exercises to keep me healthy between visits.

The treatment rooms & facilities are always clean and hygienic. The therapists and front office staffsare friendly and have excellent English which make every visit a pleasure.


I am an active 30 year old male and I enjoy many sports including football, golf and snowboarding. Over the past two years I have suffered from elbow pain, assumed by doctors to be tennis elbow. I had recently moved to Jakarta from Canada when after a workout the pain increased dramatically. An MRI, X-ray and consultation with an orthopedic specialist, Dr Chan Beng Kuen in Singapore revealed the extent of the injury to be a near complete tear of the MCL,

a significant tear in the ACL and loose bodies in the olecranon fossa which was reducing my flexion to 10 degrees from full.

Surgery was undertaken in late April 2011 to reconstruct the MCL, repair the ACL and remove the loose bodies in the elbow. I was in a hard cast for two weeks then switched to a moveable brace. At this point I needed to find a physiotherapist to assist with the long recovery process.

I searched the Internet and found Eastwest and after reading great reviews, contacted them for an appointment. With the traffic in Jakarta a requirement I had was proximity to my work place and home. The Eastwest at Sudirman City walk was ideal for me. I work in Kuningan and I am able to have treatment at lunch time without cutting into my work time.

For the past five months, I have seen physiotherapist Berliana Theresia on average three times per week. Various techniques have been implemented by Berliana to assist in bringing full motion back to my arm, keeping my ulnar nerve stretched, and strengthening the muscles. Ultrasound, massage, stretching and an exercise regime have all been used. Each week new exercise were added and explained so I could continue them at home. My arm has progressed from a movement range of 45 degrees pronation and 45 degrees flexion to full 0 degrees flexion to 120 degrees pronation.

From the first visit to Eastwest the staff have been friendly, courteous and made my visits enjoyable, even when they were painful! I have found it easy to arrange my visits and there are also good discounts for purchasing packages of treatments (when visiting three times a week this is a nice gesture).

I am now back in the gym six months after the operation and my elbow is feeling better than it ever has. Unfortunately I have a similar injury to my left elbow which will need surgery in 2012. After such a great experience with my right arm I will be back visiting Berliana for my rehab.